Pro-Tip: Beauty Brand Pronunciation Guide


I’m sure this has happened to you too. You go to a mall and a saleslady comes up to you and asks if you need help with anything. You say you want to try [insert brand name here] and she just looks blankly at you or asks you to repeat the name. Then she realizes that you are referring to [insert brand name here] and subtly mentions the correct pronunciation of the brand while you, however, want the earth to swallow you whole. There’s no need to feel so embarrassed. Mispronunciation of brand names happens to the best of us, even the richest socialite!

To minimize embarrassing situations like the one above, I’ve compiled a list of brand pronunciations and included ones that I know.

  • Majolica Majorca – Ma-jo-li-ka Ma-yor-ka (At least that’s how I pronounce it). The Japanese just call it Majo-majo.
  • Yves Saint Laurent – Iv san lo-ran
  • Shu Uemura – shoo oo-we-mu-ra
  • Borghese – bor-gay-zeh
  • Bourjois – bor-zhwa
  • L’Occitane en Province – lo-xi-tan on pro-vahns
  • Guerlain – ger-lan
  • Kevin Aucoin – Ke-vin Oh-kwon
  • Moschino – mos-ki-no
  • Laura Mercier – lo-ra mer-si-yey
  • Stila – stee-la
  • Lancome – lan-kom
  • Agent Provocateur – a-jen pro-vo-ka-toor
  • Chanel – sha-nel
  • Decleor – de-klay-or
  • Issey Miyake – i-sey mi-ya-ke
  • Versace – ver-sa-che

If you want to add to the list, have violent objections, or want to know the pronunciation of a product not in the list, just leave a comment.

Sources: Me, MakeUp Talk, Yahoo Shine, Bella Sugar

Review: Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo

I haven’t been updating the beauty blog. Pardonne-moi. This review should have been written last year but alas, my mind is always a-wander. So without further ado, I give you my thoughts on Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo.


Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo claims that we will have long fluttering lashes when we use it. I read good reviews about the product on the internet so I gave it a try and ordered one online. I am impressed with its packaging which is very luxe and elegant. No wonder gothic lolitas love Majolica Majorca.


You can see the fibers

I prefer my lashes coal black so Majolica’s black fits the bill. Looking closely at the mascara wand, I was expecting to find more fibers, they attach to the end of the lash and thus elongates it.



With only eye shadow and eyeliner on




Curl the lashes first. I used my handy mini Japonaise curler


Curled but with no mascara


I applied ample amount of Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo and here is the result.



Now with Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo


On Sugar doesn’t process photo upload well but anyway, if you look closely, my lashes did indeed lengthen! It’s an instant miracle!!! I just wish Majolica Majorca could come up with a mascara which not only lengthens but also volumizes.

Overall, this is a great product. It’s reasonably priced and effective. It’s hard to remove with ordinary facial cleansers but fairly easy if you use an oil cleanser such as Shu Uemura’s or better yet, Majolica Majorca’s new Eyes Reset Gel.

Zombified me

Belated Halloween, kiddies! How was yours? Mine was fantastic and I spent most of it as a zombie.


This was pre-bloody me


all bloodied up



I believe I was the freakiest zombie during the walk


Shabby wanted me to make a tutorial on how to achieve this zombie effect. Well I’ll try.

As my base, I used Dr. Jart Black Label BB Cream to even out my skintone. Then I used Kokuryu, a greenish pancake foundation to make me pale (when applied on skin, it becomes white with light green undertone). Unfortunately, I think Kokuryu has folded up. *shrugs*


The green pancake in the middle is the type I used. I think the Japanese use it for Kabuki


I used dark colors around my eyes and didn’t put on any lipstick. It’s simple really.

As for the fake edible blood, I cooked the following ingredients:

  • Corn Syrup
  • Red food color
  • a bit of corn starch to make the mixture thicker

When the mixture cooled down, I placed the fake blood in one of those squeezy bottles for easy reapplication.

Just a warning, this fake blood formula is really sticky and it might stain some fabrics so wear old or dark colored clothes. And if blood is all over your body like it was on mine, I ruined a lot of furniture, bags, etc.

Being a part of a zombie mob is fun and I will do it again…probably less bloodier next time.