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MAC Philippines Unveils Betty & Veronica Collection

I was an avid fan of Archie Comics during my early years and amassed a great collection of single and double digests. Archie and the gang entertained different generations of my family. The love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica have been resolved by now but loyal Betty fans, including me, will not accept the conclusion.


The gang and me

The gang and me

Last night, March 8, 2013, MAC Philippines unveiled the Betty & Veronica collection at the Mall of Asia and we were invited to the event. We were brought back to the 50s with the event’s diner-inspired entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, drinks and, of course, the theme which is the beloved comic book Archie.

a dancer bopping to some tunes from a juke

a dancer bopping to some tunes from a juke

cream soda

cream soda


Edgy Betty, Archie and Veronica

Edgy Betty, Archie and Veronica

The Betty & Veronica line are evenly split, with collections for the girl-next-door types (Betty) and Daddy’s-little-girl types (Veronica).

MAC Philippines Unveils Betty & Veronica Collection

MAC Philippines Unveils Betty & Veronica Collection

MAC Philippines Unveils Betty & Veronica Collection

I tested most of the lipsticks and was prepared to buy Ronnie Red and Betty Bright, unfortunately they ran out of Ronnie Red (waaaah). It’s really a gorgeous color but Betty Bright also looks great with my complexion.

MAC Betty & Veronica Collection will be released in MAC stores starting on March 9.

Sprint Asia Warehouse Sale 2012


I can’t wait to go to this year’s Sprint Asia sale! Products such as Orly nail polishes, Temptu air brush makeup, L.A. Colors, SPA Organics, Beauty Blender, and more will be on sale for as much as 50% off! The sale will be at their showroom, Unit 302 Quadstar Building, #80 Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan on Dec. 6 to 8 and Dec. 13 to 15! Take note of the time written on the photo above.

Review: Mircoz Fiber Lash Extender Kit


During my latest trip to Malaysia, I was suckered into buying the Microz Fiber Lash Extender Kit when I was in one of malls. I let the saleslady demo the product for me and I decided to buy the kit for RM 229 (roughly P3,100). I didn’t really need it and it is very expensive but I have short and weird lashes (the lashes on the edge of my eyes are super short and curled) and the lady was able to make my lashes appear long and lovely. Since it was a reluctant buy, I might as well review it here so it’ll get more mileage for me.

Mircoz Fiber Lash Extender Kit is an eyelash extender kit produced in Malaysia as far as I know. It makes use of Panthenol-enriched fibers to volumize and lengthen the lashes. They advice repeating the layering several times until you achieve your desired length and volume.



Contents (L to R): Lash Extender Volumizing, Lash Extender Lengthening, Mascara, Lash Toner, Eyelash Brush

The kit contains the following:

  1. Lash Extender Volumizing – are loose fibers applied to the middle of lashes to add volume to it
  2. Lash Extender Lengthening – are loose fibers applied to the tip of the lashes to extend it
  3. Mascara – used to glue the fibers to the lashes and cover the white fibers
  4. Lash Toner (free) – applied to the lashes to remove clumps
  5. Eyelash Brush (free)
  6. Card Holder (free, not pictured) – not related to extending lashes

How To Use

The kit didn’t come with instructions and this really annoyed me because it has been months since that trip and I don’t really remember what the saleslady taught me. I made use of the usual solution to this, Google. I got this from Aishop.


click to enlarge

My turn!


Pre-lash extension. Virgin eyelashes (no curling, no nothing)

As instructed, I applied the mascara then the volumizer then the lengthener and the mascara again. It is a must to turn off your electric fan when applying the products because they fly all over the place. While I was applying the fibers, I noticed how they scattered all over my face and even got in my eyes and nose. It’s good that I wasn’t wearing contact lenses and I’m guessing this isn’t safe for lens wearers.


Fibers all over my face

God! Don’t look at my sunspots!

I was worried about the fibers on my face but was relieved that they came off easily when I used a napkin. I repeated the layering 4 times and stopped when the mascara was beginning to clump. Silly me haven’t read about the Lash Toner at that time so I wasn’t aware that it’s used to remove the clumps. I could have gotten a lusher result. Well, here is the finale result after 4 layers.


Sorry for the clumps. The lashes are longer and thicker though

I should have applied more fibers at the edges of my eyes. I think with practice I’ll be able to perfect this and achieve a Japanese idol look.

Mircoz Fiber Lash Extender Kit

some Japanese idols


That last image is traumatic. The things we find in Google, guys!


I’m still undecided if the Mircoz Fiber Lash Extender Kit is a good buy or not. I can achieve longer and thicker lashes with my Majolica Majorca Lash King mascara, maybe not as long as with the Mircoz but the latter is easier and faster to apply. P700+ versus P3,000+ makes the Lash King the better choice. However, I still have high hopes for the Mircoz because I think it has so much potential in creating different types of looks.


  • You can make your lashes really long and thick with layering. All you need is time and patience.
  • You can apply the fibers to target parts that are shorter because of the small fiber wands
  • Has Panthenol which moisturizes and thickens the lashes


  • Expensive
  • Takes some time to achieve results
  • Fibers scatter all over your face and clothes
  • Can’t be used while wearing contact lenses

Unfortunately this product isn’t available in the Philippines so if you want to try this product you might have to order it online or make┬ápabilifrom someone in Malaysia. Us kikays love to splurge sometimes and the Mircoz Fiber Lash Extender Kit is a splurge. If you have normal lashes, I suggest you stick to regular mascaras unless you want to also achieve the Japanese idol look. If you have short or abnormal lashes like me, this product might be a good investment.


lashes with Microz Fiber Lash Extender. Eyes look bigger

SaladBox Review + Giveaway



I was so excited to receive this in the mail from SaladBox this morning. You see, getting SaladBox packages is like getting a surprise gift every month but you’re sure that the gift inside is good and you won’t end up re-gifting them. SaladBox boxes contain product samples to suit the modern girl’s lifestyle. These boxes will always contain the best beauty and lifestyle products from around the world. Check out what my SaladBox contained.


the list


the curated products

My box contained beauty products and coupons which I can use for pampering myself. There was a Carmex lip balm, Strip It! cold wax, Sakura hand and nail cream and fool and heel lotion, a P1,000 gift certificate to Crescens Spa, a sample of Alyssa Ashley Eau de Toilette, and a $5 coupon to WISHtrend – the total of which is higher than the subscription fee. However, I think the true value of the SaladBox comes from opening the monthly boxes and finding out what SaladBox has come up for you.

If you want to experience this monthly delight, here is how SaladBox works.

subscription instruction

click to enlarge

First, find out what’s the perfect subscription plan for you. This depends on your budget and the duration on how long you want to stay subscribed. The different plans are as follows:

SaladBox Lite is perfect for those who just want to try the service once. For P500, you’ll receive one box which contains the products they ship out to regular subscribers.

SaladBox Starter is worth 2 months for boxes for P1,000.

Monthly Recurring automatically deducts P500 from your credit card until you decide to unsubscribe from the service.

Six-months Prepaid For a 1 tay payment of P2,700 (you save P300) you will get boxes for 6 months.

One Year Prepaid If you wish to subscribe for a whole year (twelve SaladBoxes), the one-time payment is PhP5,000, you’ll get the eleventh and twelfth SaladBoxes for free.

If you refer friends, write reviews on the products you received, or buy full-size versions from SaladBox flash sales, you’ll earn SaladLeaves which you may use to redeem full-sized version of products or another SaladBox.

To know more about SaladBox, visit


Now for what you’ve been waiting for, the giveaway!


One of you lucky Mukhang Pera readers will win a 3-month subscription to SaladBox.

How To Join

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This contest ends on December 21, 2012 at 12:01 AM EST. This is for Metro Manila residents only.

Make Up Store will open its first store in the Philippines


Good news, fellow kikays! Make Up Store will finally open its first store in the Philippines! I have a couple of their products and they’re really good but I bought them in Bangkok during one of my travels. I recommend the Devil and China Red lipsticks. Devil is one of Dita Von Teese’s favorite lipstick shade that’s why I bought it. Make Up Store’s blush, nail polish and eye shadow color palette is the bomb. I hope all the colors will be available here. I’ll try to post swatches of what I have soon.

Make Up Store ‘s shop will be at Tower One Suite 22C Level 22, Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue. I can’t wait for the opening.

Sale Alert! Tony Moly Valentine Sale

Get up to 40% on Tony Moly products from January 27 to February 19, 2012 in all Tony Moly boutiques (SM Megamall, SM North, SM Manila and SM Fairview) and from February 9 to 19 in all Department Store branches (SM Megamall, SM North, SM Makati, SM Davao and SM Bacoor).

Items on sale are the following:

  • 3-Point Speedy Liner 01Blk
  • Backstage Double Edge Eyes #02Glam Diva
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Gel
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Face Scrub
  • Berry Berry Nutriwhite Cream 50Ml
  • Berry Berry Nutriwhite Essence 50Ml
  • Berry Berry Nutriwhite Lotion 140Ml
  • Berry Berry Nutriwhite Skin 140Ml
  • Berry Nutriwhite Eye Cream 30Ml
  • Berry Berry Body Lotion 300Ml
  • Berry Berry Body Oil
  • Berry Berry Body Oil 155Ml
  • Berry Berry Body Wash
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Cleansing Oil 150Ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Cream 30Ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Essence 50Ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Face Scrub 150Ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Lotion 140Ml
  • Berry Berry Nutritive Skin 140Ml
  • Berry Berry Whitening Sleeping Pack
  • Collagen Gel Eye Mask 2
  • Cottony Essence Mask-Ginseng
  • Cottony Essence Mask-Lemon
  • Cottony Essence Mask-Manuka Honey
  • Cottony Essence Mask-Wine
  • Cutie Beauty Bb Cream Spf36 Lovely Sweetheart Lily
  • Dandyguy Double Bubble Foam Cleanser
  • Dandyguy Whitening Emulsion
  • Dr. Tony Ac Control Whitening Serum
  • Dr. Tony Pore Clear Gel Cream
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Emulsion
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Emulsion 140Ml
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Pore Tightening Serum 50Ml
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Scrub Cleansing Foam
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Sebum Control Serum 50Ml
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Tightening Sleeping Pack
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Toner 140Ml
  • Dr.Tony Sensitive Multi Healing Balm
  • Eyelash Essence
  • Floria Youth Energy Eye Cream
  • Floria Youth Energy Sleeping Pack
  • Ice Cool Jelly Bubble Spray
  • Ice Cool Sun Mist Spf30 Pa+++
  • Ice Queen Crispy Green Tea Pack
  • Luminous Pink Heart Makeup Starter
  • Mask Sheet Pack(Houttuynia)
  • Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask-Super Q10
  • Oriental Mask Sheet Pack (4 Variants)
  • Premium Zen Cleansing Cream
  • Premium Zen Cleansing Foam
  • Premium Zen Concentrate Eye Cream
  • Premium Zen Concentrate Oil Serum
  • Premium Zen Concentrate Serum
  • Premium Zen Moisture Emulsion
  • Premium Zen Moisture Toner
  • Premium Zen Nourishing Cream
  • Premium Zen Oriental Feminine Cleanser
  • Premium Zen Oriental Mask
  • Silky Glaze Speedy Hair Dark Brown
  • Silky Glaze Speedy Hair Natural Blk
  • Silky Glaze Speedy Hair Natural Brown
  • Silky Glaze Volume Up Hair Mist
  • Tomatox Brightening All In One Fluid
  • Tomatox Brightening Essence
  • Tomatox Brightening Eye Serum
  • Tomatox Brightening Foam Cleanser
  • Tomatox Whitening Spot Corrector
  • Very Shiny Eye Brightener
  • Vita Vital Mx7 Cream
  • Hot Pepper Body Line Gel
  • Green Aloe Multi Soothing Gel
  • Kiss Lover 2-Pk06 Tiara Pink
  • Avocado Homme Emulsion 2
  • Berry Berry Body Scrub2
  • Cutie-Beauty Perfume Bar 04 Grace
  • Cutie-Beauty Perfume Bar 05Scharlet
  • Cutie-Beauty Perfume Bar01 Chris
  • Cutie-Beauty Perfume Bar02 Amy
  • Cutie-Beauty Perfume Bar03 Lily
  • Dandy Guy Mild Emulsion
  • Dandy Guy Mild Toner
  • Dandy Guy Mild Soother
  • Dandy Guy Whitening Emulsion
  • Dandy Guy Whitening Toner
  • Essential Mask Sheet Pack-Green Tea2
  • Essential Mask Sheet Pack-Strawberry2
  • Floria Moisture Energy Skin Emulsion
  • Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water
  • Fresh Aqua One Step Watery Foam
  • Fresh Aqua Pure Drop Cream2
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Cream2
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Emulsion
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Essence
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Gel Cream2
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Toner
  • Fresh Aqua Water Drop Serum
  • Fresh Aqua Water Pump Booster
  • Honey Bee Toner Solution Mist
  • Intense Repair Dual Effect Sleeping Pack
  • Intense Repair Live Snail Cream2
  • Intense Repair Live Snail Foam
  • Intense Repair Live Snail Lotion
  • Intense Repair Live Snail Sun Cream
  • Intense Repair Snail Ampoule
  • Intense Repair Snail Essence2
  • Intense Repair Snail Gel Mask
  • Intense Repair Snaileye Cream2
  • Luminous Sheer Base
  • Party Lover Shine Blusher 01Happy Pink
  • Party Lover Shine Blusher 02 Sweety Peach
  • Party Lover Shine Blusher 03 Love Orange
  • Premium Zen Cleansing Cream
  • Premium Zen Cleansing Foam
  • Premium Zen Concentrate Serum
  • Premium Zen Emulsion
  • Premium Zen Toner
  • Premium Zen Two Way Pact 02
  • Premium Zen Two Way Pact 03
  • Real Essence Makeup Base
  • Regensia Homme Toner2
  • Regensia Homme 2Set
  • Regensia Homme Multi Fluid2
  • Synake Wrinkle Cream
  • Tm Sports 101 Emulsion2
  • Tm Sports 101 Toner2
  • Vita Vital Mx7 Eye Cream


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[FOTD] I love me some Wong Kar Wai

I haven’t done FOTD for ages. As semi-requested by Eclair, here it is!


Base – I started with Cyber Colors Zero Pore Primer then used BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream as foundation/sunscreen.

Eyes – Shu Uemura Wong Kar Wai “Burning In Water” where I used the B1 eye shadow. Then I used Illamasqua brow cake as eyeliner and for defining my brows.

Cheeks – I used MAC’s “Pink Swoon” blush

Lips – Guarlain Rouge Automatique in shade 122

Hong Kong Haul

I just came back from spending New Year in Hong Kong. It was a blast to be there with my relatives. The shopping was a joy too because there were so many sales. Hong Kong doesn’t have Sephora anymore but we can still get our makeup fix from SaSa, Bounjour, Colourmix, Watsons, Faces, department stores and the boutiques of the makeup brand.

lootL to R: Dr. Jart+ Black Label BB Cream, Cyber Colors Zero Pore Primer, 2 Nicole nail polish, kawaii Rococo design compact mirror, BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream which came with Perfect Calm Cream and Perfect Calm Toner.


Assorted facial masks. I’ll have a giveaway for 1 box here in Lovely Morticia!


Different color hair dyes


L to R: Platinum Colloid Mask by some Japanese brand I couldn’t read, Hello Kitty Sexy Mask, Neutrogena Pore Refining Mask, and Oslee Rosehip BB Cream. All of these I bought from Mannings at the airport while waiting for our return flight.


This is something off my wish list! Shu Uemura’s “Burning In Water Palette” from the Wong Kar Wai collection. Rustan’s sells this palette for almost P5,000 but I got it for almost half the price from Shu Uemura in Ocean Terminal. Ha! Take that, Rustan’s!

I have other loots but they’re not beauty-related so no need to post them here. What beauty items did you get over the holidays? I want to know!